Worry less please

I worry too much lately. Aside from it will make me look like 100 years older, it is really slowly killing me. Don’t be surprised if one of these days I’ll be really sick because of work.

First, I had a bad case of heartache when I realized that my office netbook’s charger was missing in my bag. I had to update a report because my manager will be getting the file soon and I would want it to be complete (without mistakes so I reviewed it). The worst thing was.. It was already lenten season so it made me worry over the long holiday. Then when tuesday came, I came early just to confirm where the heck was that charger. It was in my co-workers’ desk.

2nd, I requested for a check. It was for the brochure we use in the office as well as during our job fairs. I’ve lost the original invoice (or I have not received it for real). So my request was denied. The printing services hasn’t sent me their copy. 🙁

3rd, I requested for another check. It was not approved by my manager but the items arrived already. It was big and consumes a lot of space in the office 🙁 So I have to make a way to reorganize our stocks tomorrow.

4th, I almost lost my officer’s keys. So even I was riding a puv already, I went down and walked back to the office. 🙁

THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!! I just want to sleep forever until everything’s settled!!!!!! 🙁

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