You First Believed.

How many times did I pray
You’d find me
How many wishes on a star
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I’d see your face
Safe at home unafraid
Captured in your embrace

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And showed me life
And I’ve never been the same
Since you first believed

This song from Hoku is really nice. Someone sang it for me last wednesday (110508). I feel so loved. Haha. It’s the most played song in my play list.

Today is such a boring day. There were still no professors. There was a little surprise for our classmate (it is his birthday, happy birthday Alli.) Went to Pureza to buy a text book.

After class, I went to Sm North for another day in the gym. After a tiring 3-hour session, I gave up and decided to walk around. I went to Coffee Bean and ordered a caramel ice blended. Num num num num num. Haha. I want to get the free limited edition artists notebook – so that means 11 more drinks to buy. ((: It’s not just the notebook but the donation I will be giving to an advocacy.

*Do you have a favorite song? Then, why is it your favorite? (:
*What’s your favorite drink?


    Eeyay. I sang that song on a friend's debut. Nahihiya ako pag naaalala ko. hahaha. May picture ka pa talaga at the gym XD hehe coffeee! Dami ako fave songs eh. Puro MCR, We the Kings and Paramore. Fave drink naman.... Chocolate Soy Milk. :D

    tiniwini | 10 years ago Reply

    I have tons of favorite songs and I can't think of anything which is at the top of the list hahaha. Drink? I'm fine with iced tea but if it's from Starbucks.. TOFFEE NUT FRAP :D:D:D!

    Gel | 10 years ago Reply

    Hmmm.... That song. That's our [me and my x's] themes song. I sort of sang that to him. And dedicated it to him. Gaaawd. Memories. Haha. :] Anywaaaay. =D Really? Coffee bean's notebook? Just like starbuck's planner than? Haha. =D Favorite song : Got tons actually. :| Favorite drink : @starbucks --- coffee jelly for now. :]

    MikaMikMiks | 10 years ago Reply

    favorite song ko sa ngaun... crush by david arch.. ayieee.. crush na crush ko kasi si david.. at may crush kasi ako ngaun. hahahha.. aun... :P wala akong paboritong drink. kahit ano iniinom ko, wag lang alak. hahaha :P wow super gym ah. hahaha :D

    visyel | 10 years ago Reply

    I don't have a favorite song at the moment. Hehe, mabilis kasi ako magsawa. :) I hope makakuha ka na nung notebook, hehe. Parang sa starbucks no? I wanted to have one dati kaso I've never been to any starbucks store before. I don't even drink coffee. hehe. Would you like to link exchange sis? tc.

    Pat | 10 years ago Reply

    Favorite song... Hmm.. `Just Stand Up` most probably. Ang ganda ng lyrics eh. LOL. Good luck sa pagwork out! Hope you get the limited edition notebook. xD

    Becca | 10 years ago Reply

    haha! naks naman tlgng nag gygym na ah! sabayan ng drinks na nakaktaba eh LOL haha!

    Aisha | 10 years ago Reply

    Slimmers World yan noh?? hehehe the lyrics of the song is cool ^^

    Pahn | 10 years ago Reply

    nag ggym ka pala? i didn't know that. :) aw nag crave tuloy ako ng starbucks. Gahh!

    karen | 10 years ago Reply

    I haven't heard that s0ng yet but the message is sweet and I guess that'll be my fave too, I hafta listen first, :D anyway u went to gym? WOW how cool, sossy :D hehe, My fave drink is diet coca cola,:D

    Jhoice | 10 years ago Reply

    I love that song too! :) I see, this site isn't finished yet. But it's cool Keiyt, nonetheless. :) Dream come true for every blogger. haha!

    Aea | 10 years ago Reply

    hahaha. naalala ko bigla yung dati kong crush nung hs. eto theme song ko dun sa lokong yun eh! ahahah :)

    astrid | 10 years ago Reply

    Yay! perdy questions! haha. Do you have a favorite song? Then, why is it your favorite? For now, I guess it would be Heels Over Head by Boys Like Girls. It strikes me, so, yeah. :) I wish may starbucks dito. I really wanna drink those things. :(

    Chie | 10 years ago Reply

    marami akong favorite songs but as of now, d ako mka isip.. hahahah! btw, new domain mo pala sis? congrats! sorry if d ako lagi nakakadalaw sa site mo.. busy kasi ang mommy.. mwah! :)

    Dhadha | 10 years ago Reply

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