In January, I formed a habit of waking up early (but it was ruined because I stayed up late for my thesis during the last weekend of the month). I would spend an hour at most scrolling through social media, trying to sleep back but I really couldn’t. I’d get up, do chores and cook breakfast while checking out my emails, browse the internet, read for my paper. I also started reading The Daily Bread from the time I got back to the apartment. Here are some highlights of my January.

Skinless longganisa, egg and garlic fried rice
Ottogi sesame ramen, egg, kimchi

Our breakfast meals were often eggs and complemented with either corned beef and spam. I tried spicy sardines and misua for the first time and I liked it. Next time I would need to cook misua separately so it wont suck all the water and sauce. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture then.

Tuna sandwich with tomatoes

Another highlight is… I finished a course on Coursera. After years and years of lurking on the portal, I finished a course! It was pretty short but I learned a lot in terms of Agile teams. I got a certificate for completing it as well because I availed a 7 day trial. I wanted to start a new one but I focused on my paper instead.

Oh, and even I said I would transition back to black this year, I dyed my hair with blue which turned some green. My hair was so yellow to begin with, anyway. I still have another bottle of Bleach London but it probably wont color because my hair isn’t level 9. I don’t want to waste it just for the sake of using it. I have at least an inch and a half of black hair and I want a gray hair because it is this year’s color. But let us see.

Anyhow, that’s it. I hope you had a great January despite still being in lockdown.

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