So the E U R O P E planning has to be parked for now as I scored a J A P A N seat sale last December 2017. My ticket doesn’t include a baggage yet as it is easy to add it on later. Cost of roundtrip Manila – Osaka – Tokyo – Manila is Php 2,204.98.

The piso seat sale came as a surprise. I was out with Lyan and his friends in Butuan, particularly at Boys. The Cebu Pacific mobile web was surprisingly fast and responsive so even I had an issue (searching for a different flight which wiped out my previous search), my second search came through and I got to pay without a sweat!

This roundtrip ticket is second to the cheapest international airfare I have booked! Hopefully, I get to fly this flight though.

2020 Progressive Life Plan

I never felt so old until today and how much I have missed so far not being able to do anything at all. Now let me complete the list and do it as much as I can.

  1. Learn how to swim
  2. Try free diving
  3. Try surfing
  4. Relearn how to drive and get a driver’s license
  5. Hike 3 mountains (1/3)
  6. Go to 3 more international solo travel (1/3)
  7. Backpack Northern Luzon
  8. Backpack Eastern Visayas
  9. Backpack Western Visayas
  10. Visit Tawi-tawi
  11. Read 30 books (and I’m starting at zero to this point)
  12. Weigh 58 kilos!
  13. Afford a big ticket appliance
  14. Apply for a US Visa
  15. Travel to Japan
  16. Travel to South Korea
  17. Attempt to travel to North Korea
  18. Offer to organize a wedding for a friend
  19. Open a solo photo gallery
  20. Cliff jump

I wanted this to be a 30 before 30 list but I don’t think I would be able to do so much in 2 years so…


Travel is an escape for me. Planning a trip is partially escaping my reality so it has begun. Probably you do not know this about me because it’s your first time here on my blog: I am a cheapskate. Earning from my day job (not that I have other jobs) and saving as much as possible – or not because I enjoy Iced Shaken Hibiscus tea with Pomegranate Pearls a lot- is a hard thing to do.

In the next few days, I must live the frugal life again. Did you know? Back in 2015, for me to afford my month-long Southeast Asia trip (Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore), I kept my Debit/ATM card at home for weeks until I reached my target. I was on a strict budget which made me sounded so pathetic. Especially when I had to phone my mother and suggested that I take a different route back home on a rainy night which would cost me more than I had. Plus they had to pick me up somewhere near our place. Of course she didn’t agree to it. I ended up walking my way to EDSA to catch on my bus. My feet were soaked and I wanted to give up that trip.

The positive thing I could think of that scenario was I lost 18 kilos that year. But I am slowly gaining it back so it doesn’t matter now.

Anyhow, apart from I look forward with the dietary impact of this travel, I am ecstatic as ever to plan ahead. This maybe a dream for now but I know I will be able to make it happen in December 2018. Or early 2019. Or late 2019. Let’s see how this goes in the next few months.

Countries of interest: Spain – France – Italy

Budget including the airfare, visas, travel insurance: Php 170,000.

Let the planning begins.