Shoe Shopping

It’s been a long while since I shopped for shoes. I mean yes, I have bought 1 pair at a time but mostly because my ONLY pair gave up on me. So what do I wear when I shop for shoes, you may ask? Flipflops. Thank goodness my Ipanema pair is so reliable I want to cry.

The reason for me to shop for a pair this weekend was because the one I’m using is plastic/rubber made, which is very useful at this kind of weather, but makes my right foot hurt so much. I was also convinced because of the I’m Shoe In Love bazaar (and in the end, didn’t bother coming because  a holiday sale at SM North Edsa anyway).

The cheapo I am, I wanted to get a pair from Celine because of their Take Two Promo at P999. Though no pair passed my sole flexing test so I had to say no. Then checked out Mendrez price reduction rack. I found a semi-flexing flats sale at P699.



While waiting for a new pair to try on, I found comfy red sling back flats. It’s semi-flexing, too. JP approved of the second pair so I knew I had to buy it. It was on sale at P599.


I’m happy with my purchase! I just hope any of these two survive for at least 6 months. Maybe I should start buying few more to give time for each to breathe.

Gaaaaaah, if only my parents are still my source of income and if only I don’t work hard for the money I earn. Hahaha. Any, ttfn.

The Distance Between Us Rant

Photo from goodreads.

Let me tell you this, I know I’m too old for such a Cinderella story but… I never felt so in love after reading this book. Or scratch that thought I don’t fit in to this kind of reading because this is so me.

What I love about the book:

It ultimately hits that teen-y feeling. Who doesn’t want that prince charming? To top it all, rich prince charming. Alex/Xander is every girl’s dream. The characters though are too obvious to fall in love in the end; but hey, the thrill and development of the relationship is just perfect. I never had that relationship back in high school and if I had the same thing Caymen have, it would have been perfect, maybe? :)

What I don’t like about the book:

The revelation in the end is too dramatic. It could also happen in real life but, really???? Caymen could have done better than run away from Xander during the event. Also, her mom and hospital scene was dragging.

So there, my love for this book. I gave it 4 stars in goodreads just because. I’m scouting for my feel good books like this. Any that you can recommend? Go ahead. ;)


After such a not-so long time search to where we would start things, we have finally decided to just start with something tiny. A condominium unit!

Layout of 2-Br Unit. Photo from DMCI PowerPoint Presentation.

It will be done by April 2017. Yes, less than 3 years from now. It’s actually pretty loooong time but no worries, at least we would have more time to save for interiors and other payments to do before turnover.

Now my oc-ness level and energy is towards searching for contractors and ideas for the interiors.

South!!!!! <3