Throwback You & Me

Time flies soooo fast! 3 years and 1 month being together, well it’s something. Something we have been building together since we started our relationship. Galing nga natin, eh. So strong.. bullying each other. ;)

Well the reason why I’m writing this, aside from I need a cover blog post before another blog ad post should be posted is because… I’d like to be reminded of good things. And it’s not like we’re breaking up tomorrow, HOY HINDI! But just because you’re AGAIN transferring to a new company AND working on night shift, I know and you know I’ll miss you and our random dates!


In college, we would often see each other after school if your schedule permits (1st shift) and would also do if you are on night or 3rd shift (and hahaha I mistakenly thought that you were a security guard not that it’s bad to be one). And after school was ePer days, and no work days. We used to see each other every two weeks! :p

And I got a job in Ortigas, and we used to see sometimes when again, your sched permits then you were put in a regular shift because you got a new role… so we often dine at Mang Inasal and Tong Yang in Megamall, boy it was the reason why I am THIS big now.

And then I decided to go back to school in 2012 and you got yourself a new job in Quezon City! I would often come to your office after my work and before you go to work because you were on night shift. SACRIFICES. AND YES I MISS MISTER KABAB DATES :D

Then I got a new job in far away land of Makati then after few months you got a new job in Makati, too. Random lunch, random dinners, and Glorietta dates (and for months we’ve been dating there, I have finally memorized which way is to the cinema, food choices, and SM Makati! Hahaha)

AND NOW, after 5 months or so, you got yourself a new job!!!!! In Taguig and on night shift. Sucks, mehn. I’m still in Makati, stuck on – not forever but for the meanwhile. It’s not practical to chase you so I won’t, we’ll just spend time in the future.

I will miss you and our spontaneous dates. We will be able to make things work, for us to see each other like earlier when you craved to eat so much, you invited me for Yakimix dinner!

I love you :*

Easy writing

I have a serious deadline today and I’m beating 5pm so I can rest and go to the hospital and have myself checked by a doctor. I called in sick because of this paper which really gave me headaches earlier when I got up.

This is yet another school paper which I haven’t started until first of January. And boy, it isn’t fun and easy to write especially I don’t have any idea what to write. Good thing I was able to download few more readings which is quite relevant to my study and yes, whatever.

All Up and Running

A week ago, I added a sub-domain to run a test and experiment on my  plans to put up a my own job portal. Oh wow. Yeah, how ambitious. It’s actually just for personal gain, highly enrich my pool of candidates because I feel like this is the career for me.  Not even thinking how I would make it big but just to have a site go live.

While trying to fix things and upgrade few content management system, lalalala, my disk space usage exceeded. HATE THAT RED SIGN. SRSLY. So when I couldn’t find where the fudge is making my disk so full, I deleted the whole home root and tada, good bye all content files.

Congrats now, I was able to find things around.. yet I can’t pull out my other blog. Oh help me God. :(