Travel 2015

Travel for 2014 has been so far not that abundant. I don’t even know why I never had that fire in me to book a flight and come what may for the past months – or for the whole year. I even had a list of my to-travel for this year, but nah-ah.

Possible reasons:

  • The horrific deduction because of tax (I was cut off a big chunk from my salary, booo)
  • Pre-thesis writing till last day of March and never projected 4-month school summer break
  • Q2 Business Boom Assumption (thus, can’t take leaves)

Depressing. Hahaha! But on a serious note, I feel so lost. Trying to regain power and resources (f yeah) for travelssssssss next year.

I have two domestic travels scheduled already! One in Calayan Island, Calayan Group of Islands, Cagayan Valley on February and Batanes on June.


Friday Traffic

No one would forget that Friday traffic. It wasn’t pay day, it wasn’t raining, it was just an ordinary day. I am over the fact that I traveled more than 3 hours from work (Makati) to Quezon City last Friday. Oh, this is to remind myself that I traveled the same hours from Quezon City to Makati in the morning, same day.

Probably by this time everyone knows that the reason behind all that traffic was Caloocan City’s ordinance to keep one lane for trucks at some land of their city. As if trucks are some unwanted thimajings.

I don’t think it’s because there’s too much truck travelling in the city; I don’t think these trucks are too small or too big to travel in the city; I don’t think we can keep them from travelling during the day. These trucks, transporting the different goods, are part of our economy.

The government shall build, expand and do whatever it takes to make more roads. INVEST MORE ON INFRASTRUCTURE, well apart from education. If we would have more roads, there won’t be restrictions on which vehicle to travel. If we would have better mass transportation system, there won’t even be a need for Filipinos to bring their cars around the city.

As if this would make a difference.

Trucks are beautiful, with bright lights.


Shoe Shopping

It’s been a long while since I shopped for shoes. I mean yes, I have bought 1 pair at a time but mostly because my ONLY pair gave up on me. So what do I wear when I shop for shoes, you may ask? Flipflops. Thank goodness my Ipanema pair is so reliable I want to cry.

The reason for me to shop for a pair this weekend was because the one I’m using is plastic/rubber made, which is very useful at this kind of weather, but makes my right foot hurt so much. I was also convinced because of the I’m Shoe In Love bazaar (and in the end, didn’t bother coming because  a holiday sale at SM North Edsa anyway).

The cheapo I am, I wanted to get a pair from Celine because of their Take Two Promo at P999. Though no pair passed my sole flexing test so I had to say no. Then checked out Mendrez price reduction rack. I found a semi-flexing flats sale at P699.



While waiting for a new pair to try on, I found comfy red sling back flats. It’s semi-flexing, too. JP approved of the second pair so I knew I had to buy it. It was on sale at P599.


I’m happy with my purchase! I just hope any of these two survive for at least 6 months. Maybe I should start buying few more to give time for each to breathe.

Gaaaaaah, if only my parents are still my source of income and if only I don’t work hard for the money I earn. Hahaha. Any, ttfn.